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Geoffrey Finch

Geoffrey Finch, the President of TASTE, has more than 25 years of travel experience organising wine and gastronomic tours in France and guiding luxury bicycle and cultural tours throughout Europe. It has led him to the belief that the best and most healthy wines and foods are produced organically and biodynamically. This is not simply an ethical, ecological stance to prevent further pollution of the planet, but also stems from the conviction that only honestly produced organic and biodynamic foods and wines have real spirit of place and hence, taste. Continuing to share his passion for food and wine with others was the impetus for creating TASTE TOURS.

Marilyn Brentegani trained as a Herbalist at École Pour le Renouveau de l'Herboristerie (Paris) as well as at the association Cap Santé in the Finistère region of Brittany. She works as a consulting herbalist and wellness coach at an organic supermarket in Paris and leads the Nature Walks to the Bois de Vincennes for TASTE. She is an animator and trainer for Acanthis, a herbal medicine supplier and participates in the groups Transition Towns, and Vergers Urbains (Urban Orchards). Her objective, if there was one, is to re-appropriate the knowledge of how to eat healthfully, with living foods that come from a living soil, which accounts for her interest in protecting peasant agriculture; the knowledge of how to heal and clothe oneself...with local wild or organic foods and fibres... and TASTE!

Marilyn Brentegani

Félicie Toczé

Félicie Toczé has a lot of great ideas when it comes to well-being and especially to eating well. She travelled the world for a few years going from Switzerland to Australia and passing through England, Japan and India, swept along by professional experiences and driven by a myriad of flavours and tastes. Today she shares her know-how with Parisians through her activities as a chef and consultant, notably in macrobiotics. A key word? Pleasure!

At a formative age, Emily Dilling once heard the European lifestyle described as one in which afternoon naps were widely encouraged and the eating of fresh and local foods was a regular practice. Inspired by this description, Emily moved from her native California to Paris in 2005 and has been in pursuit of great naps and food ever since.
Emily is a specialist in farmer's markets and the founder of Paris Paysanne, which documents her quest to find farmers and local, seasonal produce in the Paris markets.

Emily Dilling

William Altman

William Altman created his own touring business, Altman Tours, in 1991, following a career in hotel barging. He is renowned for his intimate, personalised group tours that are historical, cultural and gastronomic. His professional experience in travel has provided him with a great wealth of knowledge.
He discovered Yoga and the teaching of Jean Klein (1912-1998), at the age of 16, and since 1997 has followed the teachings of Sribhashyam at "Yogakshemam". He is a qualified Yoga instructor who is both an ardent teacher and a humble student.


Alison Carr's passion for sustainable food systems and supporting local agrarians runs deep, and continues to grow as she works towards her degree from the University of British Columbia in Environmental Science and Sustainable Geography. Growing up on Vancouver Island, her summers have been spent camping and exploring at various outdoor camps, volunteering at elementary schools leading outdoor activities and spending plenty of time island hopping. Alison helped lead the Vancouver portion of the Taste Awakening Tour last summer, and is thrilled to be joining the 'Finding the Wild' tour this coming summer.

Alison Carr

Jean-Claude Catry

Jean-Claude Catry is the founder of Wisdom of the Earth and is inspired by the survival skills of ancient scouts of many cultures who were intimately connected to the interdependence of all beings. He has 30 years of experience of training and practicing these skills, and working with youth. He has spent extended time living in the wilderness, relying on his acquired skills, which he shares with understanding, patience and compassion in his teaching. He is also a mentor at Wolf Kids.

Téléphone: 09 82 22 25 03

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