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A Canadian West Coast
Wilderness Adventure
‘Finding the Wild’

17/07 to 02/08
13/08 to 29/08

17 day all-inclusive wilderness training, nature discovery adventure – 1775 € per person! Minimum 8, maximum 12 participants, between the ages of 14 and 25
• Tarif includes all taxes but is subject to changes in currency fluctuations.

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Sarita Falls

A fully guided, all inclusive 17-day ecological nature discovery of Vancouver,
Salt Spring Island and Bamfield on Canada's unspoiled West Coast.

Join the trip of a lifetime! Learn wilderness skills! Commune with nature! Make new friends! Eat real food that you've foraged or caught yourself. Learn how to start a fire without matches and cook on an open fire without pots or pans! Find out what it's like to be a hunter-gatherer and discover the real tastes of nature's bounty! (For visuals, see the 2013 slideshow.)


Tell your parents to book this 17-day all-inclusive eco-tour package that starts in the thriving metropolis of Vancouver and ends on a surf beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island now! Very few trips you take in life change your life. ‘Finding the Wild’ is one of them, because TASTE TOURS is about rediscovering food – the real taste of food!

All Inclusive* Action Packed, Breathtaking, Back to Nature 17-day, Sense-Enriching, Palate-Building, Health-Giving, Catch and Cook Wilderness Vacation! Full of fun guaranteed!
*Flights not included

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Picnic         Fishing         Cycling

You will:

Fire tools         Fire         Fire making

You will make new friends, develop new skills, share tastes and interests living in the wild like an explorer confronting a new world. Learn how to cook on an open fire and discover how the fresh air and campfire cooking give greater savour and flavour to food; enjoy the vibrant taste of fruits in season right off the bush or tree; swim in the ocean and in lakes; cycle and city sight-see; enjoy breathtaking natural sea and landscapes; see whales off the coast of Vancouver Island; develop a greater understanding of nature and discover the welcoming friendliness of the local people...

Picnic         Fishing         Picnic

This unforgettable package offers:

→ What you need to know

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Finding the Wild
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The Spirit of Place through TASTE!