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The geographical diversity and physical beauty of the countryside combined with an astonishing array of well-preserved historical monuments, small scale farming and the best wines and gastronomic experiences one might ever hope to have, make France the most desirable destination in the world. But the idylls of the French countryside and the attractions of the traditional bistro are only worthy if they reflect real tastes and authentic foods that are grown and prepared naturally and sustainably.


TASTE TOURS prides itself in being able to share the passion of real taste through its contacts with the most passionate producers and growers and helps travellers to better appreciate how taste ties us to the soil. The essence of taste is the spirit of place. The soil of France has been the inspiration for the idea of terroir, but real terroir is unsullied by chemical inputs, additives or industrial processing. We therefore focus on visits featuring natural, organic and biodynamic agricultural practices, where the vitality and life of the foods and wines is revealed through taste.

Wine & Food

Though the term ‘French Cuisine’ is popularly deployed in the Anglophone world, there is really no such thing. Just as France is a country comprising many regions and local dialects, so it is with food and wine. The variety and traditions are as many as there are departments, all of them vibrantly expressive of ‘spirit of place’. How else can one explain a country with nearly 400 cheeses and over 27,000 wineries?.

Raisin rouge         Gastronomie

From the piquant Mediterrannean and Provençale flavours in the southeast, the robust, earthy and rustic dishes of the south west; the refined and elegant tastes of the Loire Valley and the Île-de-France; the traditional homey, warming and satisfying aromas of Burgundy and Lyon to the rich, buttery and natural tastes of Normandy and Brittany and the solid, satisfying flavours of the North, TASTE TOURS offers intimate and personalised taste experiences that bring you in touch with the ‘spirit of place’.


France is home to Taste Tours and it has been our privilege to explore, discover and taste the best of the country for nearly 30 years. Geoffrey Finch, President of TASTE, began his life in France working on an organic vineyard, which among other things, confirmed his taste for ‘real’ food and wine. His first experiences in travel were as a barge captain on France’s inland waterways. He then expanded his range working as a freelance chauffeur guide on wine and gastronomic tours that over time, took him to practically all of the most prestigious vineyards and tables of the country. He worked also as a guide on luxury bicycle tours in France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia and chasing (and on occasion even flying) hot-air balloons around the French countryside. In the 90’s he helped develop a chain of private château called “La Vie de Château”, travelling the countryside to visit and evaluate some of France’s most monumental domains. He has since worked as a travel consultant to agencies around the world, creating original, personalised travel experiences for discerning travellers.