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Identifying and Foraging for Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

Let food be thy medicine! Nature’s pantry is closer than we think as we set off to forage for edible and medicinal plants in some wild and not so very wild places. Join us on this series of day outings from Paris to learn how to identify and make use of a diversity of native wild plants for food & medicine.

Myosotis         Millepertuis

These outings include the services of a professional herbalist who has both an encyclopedic knowledge of botany as well as a hands-on approach to sharing her knowledge. You will discover a full range of applications, from quick emergency survival foods to incorporating wild plants into culinary dishes, and the how-to of making salves, tinctures, decoctions, and infusions, as well as using fresh wild plants for first aid situations.

Marguerites         Abeille

Participants will learn plant identification, ethical harvesting techniques, cooking, and preserving wild edibles and will gain a hands-on knowledge of wild edible & medicinal plants that can be incorporated into everyday life. Prices include round trip transportation and the services of a bi-lingual guide (tours are in French and English).