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What better place on earth is there to discover the rich and varied flavours of passionately handcrafted taste sensations than in Paris? From outdoor food markets, organic bakeries, natural wine cellars, traditional cheese agers and specialty food shops to master chocolate makers, tea masters, and innovative chefs, Paris TASTE TOURS take you behind the scenes to discover the very best Paris has to offer, from quarter to quarter and season to season.


Taste Tours Philosophy

We are devoted to saving the earth through the choices we make in eating and drinking, and so we bring Taste Association members to the world's best shops, suppliers, producers and tables, be they gastronomic palaces, bistro wine bars, or outdoor picnics and beach fire cookouts, where commitment to quality and real taste find their origins in natural farming practices, unfiltered and untarnished organic, ecological, ethical and above all, delicious foods and wines that are respectful of the environment and produced in the most passionate way.

What's included

Each tour is designed to cover the ‘best of’ in each quarter of Paris and so includes all tastings and visits as well as the professional experience of a bilingual seasoned ‘taster’. Tours are conducted either on foot (with the possibility of a Metro or bus journey) or by bicycle. Bicycle rentals as well as Metro and bus tickets are included as well as any paid entrances. Napkins, glasses and plates will be provided where necessary, though you are encouraged to bring your own knife and shopping bag or basket should you decide to buy anything along the way.


The tours are all designed to include an open market and so start relatively early (between 10-11am) and finish early afternoon. The approximate running time for each tour is about 4 hours.


As we will be on our feet a great deal, good comfortable walking shoes are essential. We will also be outside most of the time and so weather appropriate clothing is a given. Umbrellas are not provided.


Prices vary from tour to tour and from quarter to quarter, depending on how many taste experiences can be fit in, and what these include. The objective is not to ‘eat’ but to ‘taste’ and so we try to make our tours affordable for everyone. For more information, consult our Paris Taste Tour calendar.