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Biodynamic Wine Tour Provence
June 15-23, 2015

Paris add-on
June 12-15, 2015

From $2910 CDN 9 days / 8 nights with a professional wine guide
(Optional 3-night gastronomic Paris add-on $950 CDN)

Buy the full 12-day package June 12-23 for $3790 including the Paris add-on
and save 10% on the Paris add-on price!


The Wine Tour (slideshow)

Vineyard touring is the most exciting approach to France as it combines the beauty of the countryside, a connection with the soil and a chance to taste that soil through the alchemy of photosynthesis. It is an intimate association with terroir and technique, an opportunity to learn from the experience of others and taste their toil. Wine is also the symbol of civilised living and a profound expression of man’s relationship to nature. But this relationship has been sullied by modern farming and the death of soils through chemical abuse. Only wines produced naturally through organic and biodynamic methods offer a true expression of terroir and real taste. But what in fact is biodynamic wine?

Vin           Tonneaux

Are you confused by the arcana of biodynamic practices? Have you wondered what is going on in the vineyards and how the preparations are made and used? Are you searching for scientific explanations to help you better understand how biodynamic viticulture produces more lively wines? Or are you simply an amateur of living wines and keen to meet some of the best producers in France?

Nougat           Marché

Whatever your reasons, this tour, accompanied by a wine educator and 15 year student and teacher of biodynamic wine, offers exclusive entrances to the best of the Rhone and Provence’s biodynamic and organic vineyards starting with Michel Chapoutier in Tain l'Hermitage and ending with Raimond de Villeneuve in Roquefort la Bédoule. In between we will meet with David Reynaud of Domaine Les Bruyères, Marcel Richaud, Domaine Montirius, Domaine Viret (the only vineyard in France practicing cosmoculture), Domaine Villeneuve, Château Beaucastel, Domaine de Trevallon, Château Romanin, Château Sainte-Anne and Clos Sainte-Magdeleine, among others.


Starting in Paris, we will train to Valence to visit the vineyards of the southern Rhone and travel through the rustic beauty of the Drôme, Gigondas, Cairanne, Orange, the stony vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Avignon, city of the Popes, Saint-Rémy and its lively open-air market, the timeless villages of the Luberon, the fishing ports of Cassis and Bandol and end in Marseilles. Along the way we will visit nougat makers, bakers, cheese-makers and dine in some of Provence's best restaurants.

Pique-nique           Domaine Viret


Vignes           Vins
BD Summer Wine CDN$ Payment options

3 day gastronomic Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris

Three days in Paris

For those who would like to ease into this intensely rich and illuminating wine and food experience, we suggest a 3-night stay in Paris before the tour to discover or rediscover the city of light and indulge in some of its new, quality-driven restaurants sourcing everything locally biodynamically and organically. Septime, Bones and Verjus are three of our favourites, each with an inspired chef whose passions for real tastes pushes them well beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Accommodations will be in the historic centre of Paris' Latin Quarter within easy walking distance of the Panthéon, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Jardin des Plantes, Notre-Dame, the Île Saint-Louis, the Marais, the Bastille and the banks of the Seine.

Vins           Crevettes

Paris Add-on (June 12-15, 2015) includes:

3 Day Paris add-on CDN Payment options

Buy the full 12-day package June 12-23 for $3790 including the Paris add-on and save 10% on the Paris add-on price!

BD Spring Wine + Paris CDN$ Payment options

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