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British Columbia

Salt Spring Island

Wisdom of the Earth

‘Wisdom of the Earth offers unique and exciting Nature immersion programs and camps for children, teens, adults and families, to develop a sense of wonder, appreciation, and partnership with the natural world. Jean-Claude Catry and Frank Doss combine adventures, exploration, active games, experiential activities, story telling, and ancient crafts and skills to create meaning out of our observations of humans, animals, plants, minerals, elements and their interactions.

Fun, adventure and joyful aliveness are only part of the story. Important skills like teamwork and communication, gratitude, awareness, self-confidence, respect for self, each other and nature, problem solving, and inner guidance, are woven invisibly into each day.’

Wisdom of the Earth


Le Vélo Voyageur

Biking holidays for everyone from 7 to 77 years old. With Le Vélo Voyageur discover France by bike! Our tours are accessible to everyone.
We design tours and organize the logistics, you enjoy your holiday thanks to our careful research into all the 'must-sees' with no time constraints. You feel free.
TASTE TOURS has tested the St-Emilion tour and collaborated with Le Vélo Voyageur to adapt it to include biodynamic and organic vineyards. Contact us for bookings and further details.

Le Vélo Voyageur


Drôme. Roulottes. Vacances.

Just like in a dream... Set off through the Drôme countryside on a horse-drawn caravan. Anyone can enjoy our absolutely safe excursions! An experienced guide will ensure a safe ride at all times. The scenery is outstanding, a real eyeful, a relaxing and pleasant ride, You will enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Drôme. Roulottes. Vacances.


Real Travel France

Avery and André tempt you to get on a bike and discover the southernmost region of France – real travel in the real south of France! We'll ride from inn to inn tasting our way through French Catalonia, one of the most beautiful (and undiscovered) regions of France. Our tours embody the French concept of table and terroir – all the elements of a place expressed in the culinary products of that place, like the taste of sun and sea in olives or the unique mineral notes in a wine.

Real Travel France




local food insiders

We like good food and we like good drink. A lot. And we also want you to enjoy the gastronomy of Barcelona and Catalonia in a vibrant, passionate manner. That's why we suggest tours that allow you to taste a sampling of our cuisine from its source and its origins to the essence. Enjoying recipes, showing you the country and its people and discovering great chefs and restaurants – all the while showing the most succulent side of local Catalonia.


The Spirit of Place through TASTE!