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Bespoke private tours

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Let us help you create your own tour


We bring travellers to the world's best tables, gastronomic palaces and beach fire cookouts to experience and celebrate real taste.


We defend unfiltered and untarnished organic, ecological, ethical and above all, delicious local foods and wines that are respectful of the environment and produced in the most passionate way.


Part educational, part epicurean, above all TASTE TOURS supports local, seasonal products – products that actually have 'taste'.


Join us and enjoy the benefits of a growing eco-minded travel community that celebrates 'the spirit of place through taste'.

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Sample tours

We have more than 30 years of experience in the professional travel world

Wine Taste Awakenings

Paris Wine Walks


·       luxury bicycle and historical-cultural tours in France

·       wine and gastronomic tours throughout Europe

·       barge tours on French inland waterways

·       medicinal plants and wild food foraging

·       gastronomic walking tours of Paris

·       eco-culinary schools in France

·       ecological hot-air ballooning

·       adventure & nature tours

·       ‘La Vie de Château’

·       yoga & cooking

·       wine tasting

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Terms, Dates & Availability

Take advantage of our travel expertise to organise your own bespoke tours and discover "The Spirit of Place Through Taste"!

From day excursions to in-depth themed tours lasting a week or longer, we are here to help you live your dream. You choose where you want to go, set the dates, and your budget, and we do the rest.

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's
on my list."
Susan Sontag

Contact us now for personalised,
tailor-made itineraries

Dordogne river 01.jpg
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