Travel philosophy

Travel is movement and movement is life

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Our Travel Philosophy

Travel is movement and movement is life


According to Hindu mythology, all life finds its origins in movement. Before there is life, there is a void and then Shiva begins to dance. The act of Shiva dancing causes matter to collide and these collisions create life. Movement is therefore symbolic of, or inherent in life.


People like to travel and have been doing so since time immemorial. The earliest travellers were perhaps motivated more by survival demands than discovery, but also encountered new things by the simple act of moving around and seeing different landscapes. These discoveries gave rise to new points of view and understanding about the world they inhabited.


When we embark on a trip, taking only what we need for weeks or months, we are really doing no different than some of the world’s earliest explorers: discovering cultures, new lands and languages, meeting new people and discovering new tastes. Essentially, man has been “travelling” since the beginning of time and will no doubt continue to do so as long as resources allow.

Travelling green

The future of luxury is green. Luxury means 'difficult to obtain', 'extravagant' and in a world of dwindling natural resources, nature and its bounty are not just a luxury we need to protect, but a necessity. "Nature doesn't need people, people need nature."



Our committment to helping to save the earth through eating and drinking means we are very demanding in the choices we make about all that we consume, including how we travel. We  are entirely focussed on the ecological and environmental impact of travel. As more and more people are on the move around the world, travelling in ever-greater numbers, this has an ecological impact with consequences ranging from increased green house gas emissions and water consumption, threats to eco-systems, environmental pollution and fossil fuel energy depletion. So we make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint and travel responsibly by among other things, reducing our consumption of meat or eliminating it entirely (the single biggest cause of global warming, dwindling water resources, deforestation, acidification of oceans, ground water pollution, pesticide use...) consuming locally, seasonally, supporting local industries and using local guides. We buy organic, we recycle, and we re-use what we buy. We consume less. We share. 


We believe that travel does expand the mind and can also help people to better understand the forces at work in nature and the positive impact we can have in fostering eco-conscious choices. Travel can also change us and encourage us to participate in ethical and ecological actions that support bio-diversity, the preservation of species and our planet's future.

By promoting and supporting fair trade and natural products, TASTE TOURS brings consumers and producers together in local situations that celebrate food without destroying the environment. TASTE TOURS is part of a global vanguard of leaders in sustainable practices in food production that fully respects nature and the environment. Part educational, part epicurean, TASTE TOURS above all supports local, seasonal products – products that actually have 'taste'!


Our food philosophy


The focus of TASTE TOURS is the spirit of place through taste - tasting something unique to a specific part of the planet, whether a bleu cheese from Roquefort or an organic wine from the Loire Valley, that brings us into contact with the very essence of a place. The world is filled with special foods – unfortunately many of them have become highly processed and artificially flavoured. The flavours of organically and bio-dynamically grown foods are alive and vital. They tie us to the soil. The French call it the ‘terroir’ of a place and hence its spirit. This is a common reflection when speaking about wine, but can be applied to any local produce that reflects the true nature of where it was planted, cultivated and picked – unsullied by chemical inputs, additives or industrial processing. It is part of the mission of TASTE to bring members to the discovery – or rediscovery – of what food really tastes like. We believe that taste makes all the difference.