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Tailor-made Eco Wine and Gastronomic Tours

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With a background of nearly 30 years of experience in tailor-made wine and gastronomic touring, wine educating and research along with an extensive list of personal contacts, TASTE TOURS is a store of value for unique, personalised wine and food tours.

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Red, White & Green

The world of wine has never stopped evolving technologically, but too much technology and too much technicity has lead to over dressed, made-up, artificial wines that are produced in labs rather than vineyards. These wines, often produced with an arsenal of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial additives not only destroy the soils they are grown in – their ‘terroir’ – but destroy the soul of the wine along with any authenticity in taste.


A return to ‘terroir’


But happily, the fastest growing trend in vineyards is a return to sustainable natural, organic and biodynamic practices creating real wines that are the perfect reflection of their terroir, their ‘spirit of place’. The Wine Taste Awakenings organised by TASTE TOURS visit only natural, organic and biodynamic vineyards produced by the most passionate and eloquent grape growers.